BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are two types of olives that nowadays are considered local which, however, were originally stolen from Tuscany, from the Medici family, 700 years ago. An ancient history which goes by the name of Correggiolo di Montegridolfo and Correggiolo di Verucchio

Among our 1100 trees, they represent more than 60% of the olives (the others are mainly Favolosa, Frantoio and Leccino). Within the valley, we are the first to harvest them. At the beginning of the veraison stage. 

We pick the olives by hands, we keep them in aerated boxes and we immediately take them to the Sapigni oil mill, where they are pressed right away. The result is an Extra Virgin olive oil balanced between sweetness and surprise. Perfect as a light dressing, fruity, with grass and artichoke nuances. 

You should try it on bread: nothing else is needed.