Our History

Società agricola Delleselve was established in 2011 without big announcements, not to stop the flow of this ancient-rooted homestead.

Here there have always been vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees, the forest and hedges. Then in the 90s the first farm was born, new vineyard were planted and important wines were produced.

We entered the tradition’s groove to male organic and simple wines in this splendid valley.

Le persone

Has always been a financial and administrative manager in the family’s construction company. In 2011, with her husband Gianni bought the company Marchesi which already produced wine. She firmly believes in the respect for nature and decided not to use chemicals, converting the production fully organic. Her main task is the company’s management.
Has always been in love with the outdoor, inherit from his father “Ugo”, agronomist, its love for Nature. Undertakes with courage this new adventure. Gianni’s main task is the processing of wine and agricultural products and collaborates with Loretta, Alberto and Vittoria in the company’s management.
Engineer student, he is learning a lot about the wine industry. He manages the profile of the company and is always present in every promotional events.
Student of Economics applied to the food sector, she is beginning to take more and more task inside the company, like the management of all social medias.
After many experiences in proposing and telling about wine, Simone matured the interest of restart from origins, the soil. He takes care of the vineyard and follows Alberto in the promotional events.
After a 20-year experience in the food and touristic sectors, Davide finds new interest in the wine world and has been working with us since 2012. He is the caretaker and the accountant of the company, and helps in the vineyard works.

The Cellar

Our company consists of three main bodies: the house, the cellar and the storage. In latest years the company has been completely renovated and expanded.

First the cellar ( with offices and the area used for tastings) and the house has been renovated.

Then a new area has been made, completely disappearing into the hill: 200sm used as storage, deposit and farm vehicles parking. All of this in order to provide self-sufficiency for a fast growing company.

For the enviroment

Our main priority is to preserve the environment. Here we hear the flight of the hawk, beating of wings of the hoopoe, the sound of the woodpecker, the here jumping around, the grunt of the wild boar and the walkings of the shy badger and the fawn. All of this we want to preserve.

For a production point of view we are certified as Organic and despite that we use only ¼ of the allowed treatments. As a Biodynamic treatment we grow between vineyard raw barley and field bean in order to enrich the soil with sulphur. We use water from the well to irrigate our plants and orchard.

For what concerns the physical structure we installed photovoltaic panels to be elettric power independent, a sewage-treatment system for dark waters to be independent from the sewerage system and a cooling system completely elettric to avoid the usage of gas.